About Fisher Tradition Farms

Fisher Tradition Farms is a family owned and operated farm in central Michigan; one that has deep roots in American agriculture that dates back to the mid 1800’s when our family farmed in the Greenville, Ohio area. A portion of the family moved to central Michigan in the early 1900’s and since has been involved in production agriculture for six generations, with the hope of allowing future generations the opportunity to continue this tradition.

Our operation thrives today because of the belief that good work ethic, integrity, and pride in developing long lasting relationships lead to success for all involved. Many ideas and sound practices have been passed down from the generations that have come before us. While we still use many of those ideas and practices today, we also have a strong desire to be on the leading edge by keeping in tune with, and implementing, new farming advancements and technology. All of these things contribute to our success now, and into the future.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us and how and why we do things as we do. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the opportunity of building a relationship with you.

Our Mission

Fisher Tradition Farms is a family owned and operated cash crop farm, our goal is to be the absolute best stewards of the land that we possibly can be. We strive to achieve this goal by the use of modern technology and proven agricultural practices.  When involved with Fisher Tradition Farms you can rest assured that you are part of a continually advancing, forward thinking farming operation. We don’t think that bigger is always better. As the owners, we acknowledge there are situations where we must be willing and able to do things ourselves. In our operation, we make sure we are available for these situations.  We also believe that by being committed to a strong work ethic, integrity and pride, we have and will continue to develop long lasting and profitable relationships between our family and our landlords. We are honored to have all of those who work with us, and proud to acknowledge that all are a very integral part of our continued success.